Parents’ participation: As with any school, students’ success critically depends on their parents’ involvement both at home and at the school. We are a small but very dedicated staff of Greek teachers. We want to provide a fun and stimulating environment for your children, but we can’t do it alone. We depend on you to bring your children to every class on time, assist them with their homework, and emphasize the importance of Greek school. We also ask that you periodically assist in your child’s classroom (please sign-up with individual teachers). When there is another adult in the classroom, the teacher can spend more individual time with students. Finally, we request that you periodically touch base with your child’s teacher to be informed on the progress of your child. We believe that this partnership will greatly enhance your children’s learning.

25th of March celebration: Please note that participation in the program for this celebration is mandatory for each student as part of the Greek school curriculum. This year, the celebration will take place on March 27 during lunch after church.

Class time: Classes will begin at 5:45 pm and end promptly at 7:15 pm on Tuesday evenings. This change allows 90 minutes of class period. Your cooperation in bringing your child to class on time and well-prepared for class (with homework and book) is truly needed and appreciated.

Tutoring: If your child needs extra help with homework, we will be available from 5:15-5:45 on Tuesdays to help any way we can. So, come to class early and ask any questions you have.

Fee: The $120 fee for the academic year (per semester for the adults) covers the cost for our books, supplies, and a small Honorarium for the teachers. Children will be given books as part of their tuition, however replacement books will be given at the student’s expense. ($120 for 1 child, $110 for 2nd & $100 for the 3rd.)

School calendar: Please see the attached calendar (last page of this packet) for Greek school holidays during this academic year.

Missing class: We hope that every effort will be made by parents and students so that missed classes will be minimal. As a courtesy to your child’s teacher, please inform teachers in advance if you know that your child will miss class.


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